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Dee Designs Ceramics is ran by Denise, a figurative ceramic artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She offers a wide range of bespoke ceramic hand-crafted artwork. In addition to this, Denise also offers workshops in community venues where she teaches aspiring ceramic makers of all experience levels, and so the website has a booking system to allow users to purchase tickets.

Now complete, Denise now has beautifully designed website to sell her ceramic pieces to customers from far and wide. From undertaking this project, Denise has taken her business to the next level, and has established an additional source of revenue to fund future growth. 



  • Multi-Page Website
  • Copywriting & On-page Search Optimisation
  • Imagery Advice and Resizing
  • Workshop Booking System
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Google Analytics Set Up & Integration
  • Online Store
  • Ongoing Support

Project Info


Before we could begin the project, Denise and I worked closely together to resolve some complications caused by duplicated domain names and account details. Once this was completed, the next major challenge came in linking up the live online store with Denise’s impressive following on Instagram and Facebook. This allows it to pull through up to date product information and images.


Despite a few complications, I was able to successfully pair up the website’s online store with these social media accounts which means that customers can now view Denise’s ceramics from within  both Instagram and Facebook’s product catalogue. In addition to this, I also created a booking system for her users to search for workshops which they would like to attend and then purchase tickets to gain access to them. 

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Dee Designs Ceramics

Website Design

For this website, we chose three main colours; white, black and subdued blue, plus the additional yellow seen in various places. These were specifically chosen to separate the different sections and make the text easier to read for the user. We also noted that this site needed to be very image intensive as the products lend themselves well to the camera given their unique aesthetics. The end product is a beautifully designed website which uses a wide range of features including an online shop, a workshop booking system, a live Instagram feed and video placements. Because of this, Denise is extremely pleased with it and so this is just the first of many projects that we will work on in the future.

I am very pleased with Alex’s work building me a website from start to finish. I found Alex to be very personable and was very supportive and patient in guiding me through all my technical challenges. Alex worked well collaboratively and kept me in the loop at every stage.

Alex was very responsive and professional in attitude throughout the process. He has a mature approach and challenges were met head-on. No task or roadblock seemed to have phased him, and he remained committed to the work in hand. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to get a professional website up and running.

Thank you Alex! I can’t wait to use my beautiful website now 🙂

Denise Brown

Owner, Dee Design Ceramics

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