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Are you looking for a professional web design? I am your flexible local web designer with the experience and skillset suited to get your small business online. Whether you’re looking for your first website to get your business up and running or a complete redesign of your current one, you’ve come to the right place.


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Web Development Services

Specialised Website Design For Small Businesses

Mobile Responsive

Around 50% of global website traffic is from a mobile device. It’s essential that your business is able to capture this market.


First impressions count. By prioritising usability throughout the whole website your business will present itself in the best way.

Future Proof

Web design is constantly changing. Which is why every website should have the flexibility for additional features and systems.

Success Stories

Alex has been a great support to me since we began. He has helped me get online to offer my music lessons to more people in the local area. I receive many enquiries per month from potential students, to the point where I’m now fully booked up most of the time! Fantastic job!

Judith Blackburn

Owner, Judith's Musical Services

Alex has created a fantastic site promoting my services (talks and guided tours) and merchandise which can be bought online. It is easy to operate and it looks very very attractive. My understanding of computers is limited so I also appreciated his patience and guidance.

Jean Shaftoe

Owner, Books, Talks and Tours

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Interested in having a professional website made for your business? Let me know and I’ll be in touch.

Why Work With BaseOne Digital?

– 1 to 1 Support – It can be overwhelming for a small business owner to approach the task of constructing a new website. That’s why I’ll take the time to understand what your business’s goals are and how we can both work together to meet them.

– Flexible – As a small business owner your time is inevitably short, especially when you’re balancing work with other aspects of your busy lives. That’s why it’s more beneficial to work with a web design agency in Nottingham that is flexible enough to work around your schedule.

– Honesty – We’ve all heard the old saying, ‘honesty is the best policy’. It’s a tried and tested mantra, and that doesn’t stop with this web design agency in Nottingham. Being transparent being pricing, information and knowledge is something BaseOne Digital prides itself on.

– Affordable –  BaseOne Digital is slightly different to a typical web design agency in Nottingham. It believes that a good website doesn’t need to cost the earth. By working to a budget that’s right for you, we can develop a website to give your business an professional online presence.

Web Design Pricing

Either pay monthly or upfront

Digital Marketing Services

Transparent Cost Information

The E-Commerce functionality is an extra £25/month.

The pay month packages require a minimum term of 12 months, after that it’s a rolling monthly contract. After which, if you would like to cancel, you are welcome to transfer the website away if you need to. However, I’d strongly recommend that we continue to work together in order to see the real long term benefits for your business.

It’s also worth noting that I don’t charge you for consultations or communications.

Website maintenance and hosting costs can be covered by joining BaseOne Digital’s monthly client retainer package for digital marketing services. From £200 per month, your small business can access the main suite of services to help grow your business online post website production. The packages above are also available as a standalone retainer.

Find out more about these services below.

Digital Marketing Services

Learn More About My Digital Marketing Services

Web Design & Development

Give your business an online presence with a professional website 

Search Engine Optimisation

Reach the top of the Google search rankings with SEO optimisation

Brand Design & Strategy

Establish and build your unique brand to build a loyal customer base

Copywriting & Strategy

Capture your customer’s attention with engaging content

Google Search Ads

Increase your website’s visibilioty in the Google Search rankings

Social Media Management

Reach more relevant customers with adverts on social media 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do digital marketing agencies work?

The main goal of a digital marketing agency is to manage the digital marketing requirements of your small business. This includes your website, social media accounts, PR and many more. 

Apart from website design, a digital marketing can help you promote your brand through social media adverts, Google search ads and monthly written articles/ blog posts.

What times do you operate?

BaseOne Digital’s operating times are Monday to Sunday 9am – 9pm. However, these aren’t strict opening times as we’re happy to have meetings and consultations beyond that until later on in the night. BaseOne Digital understands that small businesses owners have to focus on their business during the weekday 9-5.

What is your process for handling clients?

1. To begin with, we’d have a ‘discovery meeting’ with you which would allow us to understand each others goals from the projects and identify your design preferences. From this, you’d receive a ‘sitemap’ to give you an overview of the page structure.

2. After this step, we’d come back to you with some initial designs using ‘placeholder images and text’ to give you a good idea and ‘feel’ of what the website will look like once it’s completed.

3. From this, we’d work with you to write the text and source the images for the website. We’d then asked you to review the site whilst we conduct tests on the site for bugs and functionally amendments.

4. Once all the final changes are made to the website, and you’re happy, we can sign off the website as complete. From this point onwards, we’ll maintain and manage the site for you in exchange for the monthly package you have chosen.

Upfront vs pay monthly packages

With my pay monthly packages everything is included, this means the design, build, hosting, domain renewals and unlimited content changes are all included.

With pay upfront you get everything you do as the pay monthly packages but only for the first 12 months. After this period there will be a monthly retainer fee to cover web hosting and maintenance.

What is your pricing structure?

Once you’ve decided on how big you would like your website to be, choose from one of the web design packages listed above.

The website is 100% yours, however, the monthly packages require a minimum term of 12 months. After this, you are free to transfer the website away if you need to.

You also have the option to pay upfront for the website, which isn’t due until you’re completely happy. With upfront payments, you get everything as you would with the pay monthly package, but only for the first 12 months.  After this period, there is a monthly retainer fee for hosting and maintenance.

What makes BaseOne Digital different?

BaseOne Digital isn’t like other digital marketing agencies in Nottingham. We believe that a good website doesn’t need to cost you the earth, instead, a high quality website can be achieved together with a reasonable budget.

What’s more, BaseOne Digital is available outside of the usual weekday 9-5 hours which means that if any issues occur during an awkward time, for example, during Friday night, you’ll receive a quicker response than if you had to wait 2 whole days for the next working day. 

Will you manage my website for me?

BaseOne Digital can design, build and manage your site for you. Unlike other web design agencies, you’ll continue to receive 1-to-1 support on your websites post build completion. You can rest assure that BaseOne Digital will manage updates and deliver server maintenance to your website, so you can focus on growing your business. 

BaseOne Digital also offers content creation services such as blog/ article writing and social media posts to keep your website fresh and up to date with the latest news from your industry. This way you’d be able to provide more value to your user and estbalsih your brand as the ‘thought leader’ in your market. 

Am I tied into lengthy contracts?

My pay monthly website packages require a minimum term of 12 months. After this period it’s a rolling monthly contract.

Success Stories

I am very pleased with Alex’s work building me a website from start to finish. I found Alex to be very personable and was very supportive and patient in guiding me through all my technical challenges. Alex worked well collaboratively and kept me in the loop at every stage.

Alex was very responsive and professional in attitude throughout the process. He has a mature approach and challenges were met head-on. No task or roadblock seemed to have phased him, and he remained committed to the work in hand. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to get a professional website up and running.

Thank you Alex! I can’t wait to use my beautiful website now

Denise Brown

Owner, Dee Design Ceramics

Hi, I’m Alex. I’ve been designing websites for over 5+ years!

Born and raised in Nottingham, I studied business studies all the way through the education system and eventually graduated with a high 1st in BA, Business Studies from Nottingham Trent University. During that time I maintained a fond interest in marketing, particularly web design and digital marketing.

I’ve worked in the marketing sector since I was 16, undertaking roles in various companies to ultimately now setting up my own digital marketing agency in order to put my skills to the test. Since BaseOne Digital’s commencement, I’ve worked with (and continue to work with) a wide range of small businesses from all over the country. Feel free to get in contact to see how I can help your small business.

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Located in Nottingham, BaseOne Digital is your flexible local web designer with the experience and skillset suited to get your small business online. Whether you’re looking for your first website to get your business up and running or a complete redesign of your current one, you’ve come to the right place.